About the christian trinity doctrine

Trinity Doctrine , the ‘creed ‘ Ok, so you heard about trinity , didn’ t you?
Problably you yould like this to be crystal clear to you.So do I.
Ok, I will try to explain the entire philosophy , the pros and cons.
But first excuse my english.I don’t live in a english speaking country.
So, trinity supporters say : God the Father, Jesus and ..the Holly Spirit are three different persons but part of the same being : the christian God.
Well , I must admit : Virgin Marry is missing.
Wherever you search the Bible you won’t find this crazy theory explained.NOWHERE.
The Bible is a book for iliterate people : for peasents, slaves,farmers…..God would explained this clear , if this is true.
Definetely you will not find it , but you will find a lot people out there , hanging a stone by their neck and presenting to you a lot of insane arguments , citing the Bible ; ofcourse out of context.
ATTENTION : our days church suport this crazy thing along with others.
None of this arguments isn’t enough.There is no single place in Bible where our God explain this insanity ‘loud and clear’ .What is the central part of today church beliefs is missing from the Bible!
The supporters of the this will tell you : you can’t be a christian if don’t believe this!
or , you can’t even enter in heaven if you don’t believe this theory.
Yes , they are going to tell you this.
Let them say : they will pay for this!!
See more below and get a better idea :

How trinity evolved (shortly), a litle history :

The concept of trinity was ‘around’ about the year 300 .Some of the church heads , the same category later promoted the Bible in other language then the spoken one , were presenting a false theory.
Why ?
Because Satan worked in their souls , maneuvering them; as Jesus said.
The simple things wouldn’t allow them to get money!
The Bible is a book even for iliterate people : for peasents, slaves,farmers…..God would explained this clear , if this is true. They needed thinks to make them recomemnded for pastors or priests (this job is illegal in christianity , by the way) difficult thinks requering explanations.They invented the ‘Great Tradition’.Got it ?
The woolf in sheef skin , inventinig jobs for them.(btw remained latin for centuries)
Constantine the Great needed a unitarian christian religion to make a already weak Roman Empire solidar against the barbarians , so he invited the bishops to a congress :haha, haha….bishops ? O , yes, people having good jobs , indeed, in those times.This was Niceea council 325 our era.
The honest one , knowing what the emperror wants didn’t show .
Whatelse people say , does not matter!
The emperror forced them to decide what he wanted .By the way : the great Constantine ‘ full of Holly Spirit’
murdered his wife and two sons.Good boy , isn’t it ?And got sanctified.ha, haha,ha.Yes the churches made him a saint.
So the decision was : The Father and Son are one as the same being but as separate persons.The Holly Spirit was not mentioned!!!!!!!!!
That adding happened 100 years later .
Conclusion : after the great council the most disagreed and the things rolled back .
mmm…..but Satan works in evel people, insn’t it ?they kept pushing, and pushing and after years they got ‘their thing ‘ back.There was a big leader opposing this theory : the Alexandria bishop Arius.
He deserved to be mentioned .
What happened next ? The Bible remained a latin , or a ancient langauge written book …how could a peasent or slave to understand a letter from it ? So do you trust those , who did this ?

What is next ? what you have to do

Don’t take my word as good , but study.
This dificult thing does not exist in Bible but some people will show you cites as :
‘The father and son are one’ by example. Yes they are, but in their work ,they belong to the same side This is the context , not as a a unique being.
There are a lot of Bible cites suporting the contrary.Trust me, much more than firsts.I know the Bible well.
So , don’t trust the churces : after reform many other churches appeared.Okay …..
but in order to be reqognised as a real church to their congresses you had to be trinitarian.Other good one . Do you see it ? a lot of new founded churces made the step even initially they were not trinitarians.

And so step by step the whole christianity….brrrr is not longer too christian.
Why God allowed this ? well He did allow , if you study the prophecies you will see,God has plans to mankind.
So, next step :pray and study; no hurry , take a cup of what you want and read the new Testament.